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How Government’s New Plans on Planting Areas Will Influence Chinese Rapeseed Planting
                                        Date:  2017-4-13 17:28:06
This article is aboutHow Government’s New Plans on Planting Areas Will Influence Chinese Rapeseed PlantingArticle,The content of this article is: China is planning to define the country's agricultural production areas in two functions in three years, to assure the effective supply of agricultural products, Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said Tuesday. A total of 900 million mu (60 million hectares) of arable land will be allocated to main grain products including rice, wheat and corn, and 238 million mu (15.9 million hectares) will be assigned to five key agricultural products including soybean, cotton, rapeseed, sugarcane and natural rubber, according to a State Council statement. The move is in line with a national strategy on food supply, with future supply-demand relations taken into consideration, said Han. ....................【content

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