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US Dollar Depreciation Lowers China’s Fishmeal Import Cost
                                        Date:  2017-6-8 17:21:10
This article is aboutUS Dollar Depreciation Lowers China’s Fishmeal Import CostArticle,The content of this article is: US dollar to Chinese yuan exchange rate fell to 6.7953 on June 6, 2017, the lowest since mid November 2016. With US dollar weakening against Chinese yuan, China’s fishmeal import cost has seen some declines. As we can see from the graph below, in late May, CNF price of Peruvian super prime fishmeal to China was at USD1,400/MT, equivalent to a import cost of RMB10,027/MT; and in the recent days, the CNF price was at USD1,420/MT with China’s import cost theoretically at RMB9,944/MT. ....................【content

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